New Sierra Reloading Manual


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Sierra last published a manual, the 5th edition, in 2003, and there have been almost countless new powders and bullets introduced since.

Midway is supposed to have the new 6th edition available tomorrow, 5-12, and I have one sitting in my shopping cart. Anyone else planning on buying a copy.


Rick H

I'll take a look at it. Mine is an old CD version with a very nice ballistic section. I will say I purchased a new Hornady 9th editions and don't like it. It seems to be going backward. I find it much less usable than previous editions. I hope the Sierra is better.
I object to limiting or omitting older powders that are still available, and useful in favor of the new, that show no advantages that I can see over the older ones.


Springfield, Oregon
I’d be very interested. I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for the heads up!


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Every place I see it online says they are "out of stock and on back order"
Sierra's Web page doesn't show it as available, that I can find.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
Initially, Midway said it would be available May 12, but now there is not any date given.