New suppressor today


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Was at the range the other day, shooting some match bullets with my Howa .308. When shooting cast (which is what I mostly do), I shoot without the suppressor, unless shooting powder coated bullets. But this time I had my old suppressor mounted. For starters, I had some pretty bad groups. And they only got worse, until I «used the entire target». I suspected there was something wrong with the suppressor, took it of, and the groups went back to normal.

Returning home, I dismantled it, and found the threaded part, which mates with the muzzle, rattled. No way to tighten it up, seemed like an area with press fit, where the aluminium housing had given up (after a few thousand shots, though). Luckily, there are no restrictions or paperwork regarding suppressors here. So I went by my gunsmith, who sells suppressors from a small norwegian firm called Freyr & Devik. Really nice, aluminium/titanium. This is the magnum version, but it weighs only 0,62 Ibs, which is nice for a hunting rig.

The shape is somewhat bullet- like. It is supposed to add to the strength, and less partial to get caught in branches when moving through brush. The slightly elevated muzzle portion will reduce amount of rain water entering the suppressor (or so the commercials say, anyway). It is easy to dismantle for cleaning, and the quality of the threads is simply amazing. E48F0EC5-143C-479A-B980-83F89B9D6C53.jpeg5E9A1F87-3127-4C20-AA76-C95BB826DFBF.jpeg70E96FAD-F3B7-46B9-96AD-7E982FD9F1D6.jpegC5465A4F-FE12-4E37-A1B1-42ABDB0956E7.jpeg

Looking forward to the next range trip!


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There are several countries in the world who despite relatively restrictive gun ownership laws consider suppressors to be a polite accessory (or in some instances mandatory when hunting) rather than some supposed evil tool of silent mahem and murder that must be restricted, registered, and secured like Charles Manson or nuclear waste. In NZ, you can buy a disposable, printed plastic suppressor for .22 rimfire at the hardware store for the price of a sandwich and toss it out with the recycling when it gets plugged up or worn out.

Aluminum parts are a little on the lightweight side for full-power .308, but if you can easily replace a worn or fatigued one the price and weight savings of aluminum makes sense. Here in the USA suppressors are generally built to a specific range of use with published limits and are intended to last a very, very long time since they are so difficult and expensive to repair or replace...or even de-commission.


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Nice that you don't have to hoops and paperwork that we have for a simple muffler. A touch of sanity.
It looks like a nicely made unit.