New Vortex C.O. B. R. A.


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What? It didn't pull the trigger for you. :eek: Must be a cheap Chinese knockoff.


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I've a gut feeling that R&D of the adjustability feature has either started, or is not too far off.

Another reason why I don't belong in this century, or 75% or 80% of the last.


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Funny stuff. I didn't immediately "tumble" to the humorous vein of the video, in keeping with 462's gut feeling--and I'll cop to it out front--my first thoughts were A) I wonder what this costs now and B) how soon will this technology be affordable? That "tenderloin" for "tofu" revision software is brilliant in its own right :)

I enjoyed the video--thanks, Waco.

ETA--Marie enjoyed the video as well. Her take on devices like "Siri" and "Alexa" is that she is reminded of the film 2001--A Space Odyssey where HAL 9000 starts getting crossways with staff--"I can't allow you to do that, Dave." Spooky, when you start processing the ramifications.
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IMO it was a huge mistake shutting them down without allowing them to conclude their negotiations.
it would have also been advantageous to break them up afterwards and ask them how they conducted the trade [what the language meant] and how they made out in their negotiations.
[did they 'think' they made a fair trade or did they angle in to get the upper hand]
bits of information like that would be invaluable in the future.
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California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
"The actions scared them. A LOT. The companies all but say that in their statements."

They may be scared, but they aren't stopping.


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Guess I need one, scheduling enough range time this year has been impossible. Have guns that ain't been fired yet..ridiculous.


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Next thing you know your scope is hacked.
Alexis for a scope.

Now if it could cast bullets.....


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"Cobra,hire a decent interior design firm".....

I know that white and melamine is synonymous and all but,the total "white out" indoor range? Come on,a little color please.