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Have posted some of my cast deer and hog kills, but my passion lies in waterfowl hunting. I get zero thrill out of taking deer or hogs. I only do so as I enjoy the meat.

My Grandson turned 5 this past December and insist on going hunting with me. It sure doesn't take much to persuade me!

This is his second hunt he got to tag along for waterfowl. He's not quite big enough in the britches to handle a shotgun yet. He is heck on targets with his 22 though.

We left out at 3 a.m. and he was bright eyed and bushy tailed the whole way. Got to the spot on public waters and set up. My son and I were doing the shooting. Little man gets to play with the calls and fetch up some birds that land on the bank. Drink hot Chocolate and munch snacks!

After an hour of birds not quite working into the blocks, my Son found the problem. Grandbaby had his head poked out of the bottom of the blind so he can SEE!!

We got him covered up and quickly got our limits of birds.

Perfect hunt for the season ender. Maybe in about 3 years he will grow into fitting a shotgun and I'll retire to Calling duty and helping him to get it done. Fun times Gents!


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chuckle.. drunken monkey number-3 got nick named light house after a couple of times of me taking him duck hunting.
you can guess how he got it.