Not enough time in the day


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Stupid busy back (airplane..yuck) from biz trip in Fla.,last night...coming home to

Shin deep grass,broken cars...more biz meetings,etc,etc.

Jacked a crow @50yds in the midst of all this with EDC,7-08,SPS Rem....cold bore.Before pickup,shot the remaining 2 rds in mag at the 100 yd berm.Snake eyes,1/2" high...1/2" apart.Love this Rem!

Back to work.

Need to practice for upcoming 3D archery tournament....get a dz arrows loosed down in the "hole" (our short course 3D range).

Cut firewood.


Get started on new job.


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What a difference a day makes....

Aston Martin....err,Park Ave is fixed.Electronics,gotta love them....NOT.

Lawn looks like Augusta.

Even going to get some 3D practice in.

SATA newsletter came in mail.


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Did make"time" in a cpl St. Augustine restaurants over the weekend.Shrimp N grits with fried green tomatoes as the vegetables.The former rated a B+.The latter,was a solid A.They used just a touch of brown sugar on the tomato dredge....which only worked cause they were swimming in a French Cajun sauce,sprinkling of feta.

Nice historic building on the 50 yd line in old Towne.Colonial French architecture was quality....and part of the reason I was there,considering the Spanish nature of the overall.

Also,had crab stuffed grouper at a pretty durn hillbilly joint that was B+.

Fried chicken was just,OK.


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fried green tomatoes never made it out here.
you would think they would be popular, I ain't ever got any past that stage before the freeze or snow hits.


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Shrimp and grits......sounds repulsive. But where I come from, the only thing grits gets used for is blasting paint.


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Grits w/ a little butter, salt, and pepper, yummy. Of course I also like oatmeal, barley, rice, and virtually every other grain product.


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Also a big fan of fried green tomatoes. Dipped in cornmeal and fried in hot oil. Used to have them with fried fish. Not a big fan of sugar or sugar containing products in cornbread or fried food coatings/dips, sweet potatoes, etc. It's all personal taste, enjoy food however you like it, I don't need the added sugar and I like the natural flavor of most foods w/o sugar or much added salt. Garlic, onions, spices, peppers etc. add a lot of flavor without adding calories or sodium.


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I'm with you guys, fried green tomatoes (cornmeal dipped) and hominy grits.

Can you guys get real hominy grits where you are? I grow my own flint corn and hominy it in wood ashes, it's worth the fuss for the flavor. Storebought grits up here are just coarse ground cornmeal.


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My grandma used to boil off pork scraps and add that to cornmeal mush to make a German dish called ponice (spelling probably wrong). Sliced and fried, really tasty.


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I prefer my Grits still in hominy-corn from the can form.
a little butter and some Pepper and I'm just fine.
grinding it up just makes it taste different and I don't like it.


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"Smithfield" ham.My Gdad Smith born right after the "war"(1860's),Nellysford Va. was a traveling man of sorts.Traveling was Va,NC,Tn,by rail.It was in SE Va....Smithfield, where Gdad learned their secret.His cured hams were considered by most,here in the mnts to be top drawer.The secret is turning your hogs out in the peanut fields after their harvest.Where they munch down on the vines,cleansing and imparting a pleasant delicacy to the meat.

Wakefield Va,a wagon ride from Smithfield is a huge player in peanut production.The perfect match.

It's said that,good design doesn't have to be symmetrical,but it does need balance.So it is with cured,Smithfield ham....or in the case above,Cajun/blackened shrimp.The grits,which depending on geographics can also be a biscuit,or fryed potatoes is simply the "balance" to the fork so to speak.

Guess we need a new "letter" word.We have the "C" word (contractor).We have the "M" word (marry/married)......

Now we have the repulsive "G" word,haha.


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oh man.
I have seen Grits, and beans or no beans start a 6 page flaming war on more than one website.
there is no 'sort-of ' line in there [it seems] it's either yes or no.


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So true. Chile with beans here will get you extradited to New York. Most people here hate grits (rarely find it at the store and never at a cafe'), but we love our Tex-Mex chow which uses a lot of Hominy grits ground to flour (corn Masa) which is nearly the same thing. The Mexicans and native Americans didn't have much wheat so they figured out how to de-husk and make flour out of corn thousands of years ago. I personally like pinto beans in my chile, but don't tell my friends.


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Oh my,watching paint dry... Just waiting for the wind to die down so maybe send some lead downrange...hope,hope.In the spray booth doing collision repair.

Did a trad bow shoot last weekend.Shot with some big boys(combined,pushing 20 national championship trophy's between them...doh).I did very well.Was up the a.m. before the shoot,reserving the string on one of my "money maker" bows.Thought how it relates to shooting the abstract.Get your set up,"straight" at the launch(run out)....and it shows up on paper.Or foam,in the case of 3D archery.

If the wind dies down,gonna shoot something this afternoon.....ha,SATA spray guns be dang'd.


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Grits are fine, don't have them much, but like them if they are on a restaurant menu. Fried green tomatoes....OK at best.
Had an old farmer friend in central Va who used to sell us one of his Virgina hams. Salted and smoked from his hogs, oh, my
the were good. Had to boil them in two changes of water, but then they were just super tender, spectacular flavor and not too salty.

I like beans in my chili con carne. Ponice is GOOD, Keith. Put your grits up in a bread pan, let solidify, slice and fry, top with
maple syrup. THAT is good stuff. Called them johnny cakes up in NH where my Mom learned to make them.

Used to live about 50 miles west of St. Augustine, still have relatives there. Nice country. Lived in Central Va, too, also liked
it there.

First morning in the cafeteria at college in Fla, I hear a loud, screechy, nasal NYC voice, near duplicate of Edith Bunker, "Alice, why do they have
mashed potatoes for breakfast?"....New York Jewish girls come to Fla to college pretty frequently - the NYC to Palm Beach axis or
something. Had to guffaw quietly about somebody who had no idea what grits were.