Oregon Pig Hunt


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Well done Rick!

My neighbor has a trailer mounted smoker. They aren't great at using it though, and they think meat comes from the supermarket.


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Pork at a wedding. We know it's not a Jewish wedding. Thus the saying: " That went over like a pork chop at A Jewish wedding".


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Looked at you picture again Rick and I'm quite sure I've seen you more than once while we were both still working.


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More than likely, I spent 34 years all over the industry. I worked independents as much as possible but was also at all of the majors many, many times in those years. Not so much at Warners, I refused to work there.


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Spent most of my time at the MGM - Sony lot until 2002. Used to make gadgets and set pieces for CHiPs, Max Headroom, Dallas and Fame. "Poltergeist" was the first movie I worked on, "Bruce Almighty" my last. Did a lot of work on Red Dawn and 2010, plus probably a dozen others Also worked on the Universal lot and at all three of the big motion picture film Labs.


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Rick - If you and Glen need any help. . . . . .

Smokeywolf - Any interesting stories from Red Dawn? Always enjoyed that movie.