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Does anyone have an idea for a way to apply PC powder to a bullet so just the surface that contacts the barrel is coated. And the nose area is left uncoated.
I have tried spraying the bullets with their nose covered. But powder migrated into the covered area.


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It would be tedious, but you could smear a thin film of bll on the nose before coating? Not sure how well that would work?


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Could be a burnt mess.

Dissolve the powder in solvent (chlorinated brake cleaner has worked for me, MEK, acetone, or lacquer thinner would all likely work) to make a thin paint, and "ranch dip" the bullets up to the point you want covered. That would get the bases and grooves, though.


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Clear coat ?
Make a nose stand tray that fits snug at the preferred nose point and spray coat maybe . I would think silicone as a spray coat on your tray would make it nonstick .
I spent a little time figuring at it on long drives while the kids and Ms slept .


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you could stick the bullet nose first into an appropriately sized brass case screwed to a metal tray/pan.
I plan on putting the gas check shank into brass cases when I spray so the checks fit easier --- or apply the gas checks then PC them.

Kevin Stenberg

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JW My thinking is two fold. First Length for loading PC bullets would be close if not the same as normally lubed bullets.
Second bullets without PC noses would mushroom as desired on game.
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If you want the conventional look smoke sells a clear powder that works great.

As far as expansion goes I really don’t think it will make any difference. Most of the extensive hollowpoint testing I’ve seen done was using powder coat.

I see I was a little late with the reply
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One state I'm sure of 100% requires "an exposed bullet core expansion mechanism" , it used to say "exposed lead point expanding bullet" for hunting big game . Technically even a clear coat over the nose of the bullet under the black & white of the written law and most certainly colored PC would be illegal . Same state requires 1000 ftlb @100 yd 22 cal or larger with a loaded oal of 2" or greater for rifles and a case length at least that of the Remington 44 magnum , 24 cal or larger for hand gun hunting of big game .
Yes I did an absurd amount of research on legal cartridges and load combinations . I also ran 100s of tables . In a bizzar twist a 45-70 with Rem 300 gr HP factory loads out of a ported 1895 GG is iffy on making the cut where an above 75% of load window 55 gr Sierra BT has 10 ftlbs to spare in a 223 .
I'd like to say that I'd have no issue with the 45-70 for elk or even the Ca Brown bears regardless of loads at open sight field position ranges . I would question the 223 on stuff bigger than antelope under the same guidance . I would never even consider a 256 Winchester mag , 25-20 , 32-20 , or 38 long among many other legal big game pistol cartridges . 1.280 case length for the record . The PCC used to be legal but aren't any more except for probably 460 and 500 Smith .

Now that I've run this train clear out in the woods and a mile or so down a dirt road ....... Deer are legal to hunt in Maine with a 25 Auto ....... So I don't know that outside of exposed lead there is any point in this .


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it could be a fitment thing too.
I know there is no way under the sun I could even begin to get half of my rifle bullets to chamber [or de-chamber if I did get them in there] if I added another .002 to their diameter.
in that case a nose sizing die from NOE would be the way to go, I have thought about getting a lyman or rcbs sizer for just this reason.


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When I make a generic .30-cal D-reamer for H-dies and you get a 450 I'll make you one, too for freight + die blank cost. Probably will do a .3005" cylinder bore that the ejector will ride in, taper it at about 1.5° per side up to .310" for about half an inch, and have a tapered leade-in out to .314" or so.


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NOE makes bullet nose sizing dies for better fitment.
I actually prefer NOE sizing dies. once you've purchased the Push Through Size Die Body the body and nose sizing bushings are $9.75
Push Rods are $7.50 per caliber. Lee pushrods will work. They have an extensive selection of sizes
Different from the nose-only sizing in/out dies which also use the cartridge neck sizing insert bushings.

Go here and scroll down to post #23 and on to see what I was talking about regarding squeezing down the nose (or resizing the whole bullet to two diameters with a taper in-between) to make the bullets fit again after adding the coating thickness. If I remember correctly, Brad has made some neck-sizing insert type dies for the in/out luber-sizers (Lyman, RCBS) for rounding or reducing the diameter of bullet noses, not sure if anyone is making them commercially.
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nose area is left uncoated. I've done that for rifle, problem is it leaves a ridge and could affect accuracy. Only works if your spraying.
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