PC when humidity is high...

We get to shovel snow a couple times for the most part it stays in the cascade mountain range.
Sometimes we get a white Christmas :)
Our spring, early summer and fall are incredible!
Mild temps no humidity perfect tee shirt all day weather with a long sleeve shirt early morning or late night
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move a bit westward from Colorado to southern Utah.
they have a winter [ish] type thing there.
I usually go down in the early spring to see 60-f days and let the ice thaw out of the boat.
stay away from St. George and hang out closer to highway 89 like in the marysvale or Circleville or even Orangeville. [all small towns with plenty of open public land around them]
they do see 100 in the summer,,, but the humidity is more like 20%.
or what we like to call 'just plain hot'.
prices ain't ridiculous either.


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You could set the tray of bullets on top of your oven on a rack for 12 min to pre-warm them. IF they are too hot to touch. let them cool down a little or you could have a mess. or move east of the cascades :)


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More static:
I have always wondered if applying a 100 % wool cloth around the PP container would increase static during shaking!
Have to try that!
Also a thicker concentration of Black BBs in the container!

I have a question: Do you guys add to what is left in the container when adding more powder or dump that and start with fresh powder?


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I found it's a good idea to dump the bbs in a big tea strainer and shake all the old powder into the trash periodically to get rid of lead dust, lint, and moisture-contaminated powder. Also wipe out the container with a dry lint free cloth. Normally I just keep adding fresh powder each batch of bullets, but after a year and probably 50 or more batches of each color I started to see powder adhesion problems. Cleaning the bbs and containers fixed that.


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Jim, if I need more static I ask my wife if I can buy a new rifle. That gets me all the static I can stand.


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I tried that same as Kevin did and didn't have good luck. I think Elvis Ammo was using HF red, wasn't he? Temp needs for warm dusting must be way different for the poly powder vs the HF epoxy. What powder are you using? Do you know the surface temperature of the bullets when you put them in the powder? 140°F for four minutes means a lot of different things depending on bullet mass and what kind of oven is being used.
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I appreciate most of the utoob reloaders, mostly for the fact that they're at least putting stuff out there and generating interest and ideas, but 99% of the content ain't for me.


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When it's damp/cold out I pre-warm my bullets on top of the convection oven setting a tray of bullets on a heavy wire wrack. If the bullets get hotter than you can handle without gloves you need a thicker rack


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I've left my powder tubs in the garage thislast year, plenty of humidity (19" of rain in a month). Tried coating - still works. Finding using minimum amout of powder in the tub, add only when the bottom and BBs are 'clean'. Appears to work, if not well coated, add a 1/2 teaspoon and keep swirling.