Perfect turkey hunting day


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I got a good story about getting close to Elk.
in some of the areas I hunt you can hear them scream but not see them until your close enough to make them mad enough to chase you off.
the night before the hunt one of the guy's I worked with down in the city shows up to camp with a couple of bottles of cow estrus pee, a bugle and a dozen other noise makers they sell at the walmart.

well first thing in the morning he gets up and heads off at o-dark thirty, he walks out on a point to try out a bugle he got and some cow calls and such.
before he left we opened all the bottles of cow pee and turned them upside down in his pack, and he has no clue.
well he gets out on the point and starts in a calling and carrying on with about every squeaky thing you can buy, and pretty soon he gets an answer from a Bull down in the brush.
so down he goes thinking this is his lucky day.
as he gets down there he is having a hard time locating the bull, but it keeps on answering the one cow call so he keeps on blowing it and lurking around.
as he is moving about he is leaking the cow pee more and more and more and more until all the bottles are empty and he is reeking of the stuff.
he figures he is just close enough to the elk he can really smell them.
well this Bull finally gets wind of him and keeps on hearing this lonesome old cow obviously ready for his amorous advances, and comes on in to finish the deal, my bud looks up see's this Bull coming at him and waits to draw his bow.
well this guy ain't shy about moving in on no cow and comes charging ready and well let's just say ready.
he doesn't give him a chance to draw nuthin but a mental image of a 9000 lb animal with 14' antlers and a bad case of viagraitis coming his direction and he isn't taking no for an answer.
he must have chased 'ol Doug around for an hour till we finally seen what was happening and snuck in and put an arrow into Doug's bull.
it's been 24-25 years now and he still doesn't live it down.


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Good one Fiver!!!

I've got one up real close deer story,no scents involved,with only a little sense incurred,haha.

Only turkey I saw Saturday was not impressed with my camo,and no it didn't come from came from Cabela's,haha.I was nose to trail looking at fresh turkey doo-doo and walked up on him right after blowdown. He had business in the next county?

Shot all my 7-08 CB's though off a tree stump,after cutting the tree down.Me and bud clean up down at the river.Cut dead junky trees down,burn'm up,no good for the furnaces we run.So we made a Fred Flintstone,or is it Dan'l Boone? shooting bench.Started to load up some more 7's last night,got pi$$ed at not having a nose sizer top punch/bump thingy.

So I'm fumbling around looking for something on the,impeccably neat loading bench.... everything in its place cept.,some of this tooling isn't marked.Soooooo I pick up a nose bumper and another,and another. Well heck,there ain't one for the 7?But gotta say,when sticking a 6mm RCBS 95g in its "right" nose picker,give it a little spin,and see exactly how out of round those bullets are.And I'd rate this mould an "A".

So,obviously have to make the tooling.... doh.I want my 7-08 loaded up.Had to resort to toting a CZ 223 (cast) rig to bed last night.


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Lookin Good!

Now if I could just find some woodpeckin cabmet guy to quit riding around on his tractor ..... might make a walnut stand/holder with some mould labels? so I don't have to pick up a half dz looking for the right one.

It is amazing how easy it is to bump noses up a cpl .001's".