Picked up the 94 Win today


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I couldn’t lay off this one at the local pawn shop when he threw out a good price. It’s a Win 94 Ranger in 30-30 that supposed to be unfired. And appears to me to be unfired.
This ones it D&T’d for scope mounts but I believe it would kill the good ha doing characteristics so I’m gonna try a peep sight for the first time.
I’m not crazy about the light colored stock that was common on the cheaper Ranger models but I think I can live with it.


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I only worked with one Winchester '94, got some loads together for my Mom's boyfriend for pig strafing with his 1966 model, that thing was scary accurate.


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you might need a taller front sight to go with that peep setup.
oh... RCBS 30-150 FNGC, or their 180, or the LEE equivalent.


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RCBS 30-180FN, for sure! IMO, the '94 and a peep/revcr sight mounted as far back as possible go together like peanut butter and jelly. I prefer the older Redfield peeps myself, but a Williams if just fine too. She should be fine for cast and hunting. The blonde stock era is pretty much history these days, it might spark some conversations!