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I was reading the "Sizer Dies" thread and was wondering. Does anyone know of a source for inexpensive pin gauges? The .25 inch to .50 sizes. Since most everything went CNC they have pretty much disappeared. Didn't want to hijack the thread.


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Unless you do something stupid they are a lifetime purchase.
Just make sure you get the minus set.


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What Brad said....but mine are in a wooden box from Enco, cost a bit less because I bought
them about 15 years ago.

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Yes, I bought the small set, too. MUCH smaller box and much lighter. Very handy on checking
pin hole sizes in certain items.

I thought they would be nice to have but the full set is out of my play budget. Too bad you can't just buy them by the piece, a few sizes.


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I think you can buy individuals pins somewhere, but don't know the source.

I will warn you that you will tend to use other sizes than you think. For example. A friend
has a .44 S&W with accy issues. Pulling the barrel failed (!!!!!!) even with proper wrenches,
was risking frame damage, it is so darned over torqued. So, we are fire lapping. I selected
the pin gauge that would go down the bbl (which is how you find thread restrictions, too) and
we took it with us as we shot the abrasive charged bullets. We checked periodically to see if
the constriction was gone yet.

That pin for his gun is .418. So not only do you want the likely throat sizes, say .427 to .433 for .44
guns, but you need from about .417 to .421 for checking for thread choke, all in .44. Do the same
for .357 caliber guns, and .45 caliber can see where this is going.

Plus, I think the individuals are a few dollars each (not sure) where the set works out to 3 for a dollar.

Whatever fits your needs and budget best.

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Bill Pistolero nailed it as far as getting the whole set goes. I haven't used half of the pins in my sets, but I have used close to 1/3 of them to date.


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I agree, get the entire set. I've used maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of them in my set. They aren't an often used tool but when ya need one they sure are the ticket and if ya try buying a bunch of individuals sure enough the next one ya need is one ya don't have.
Thanks for the lead. I look on the internet about a year ago and everything was a hundred plus. This is something that I figured could be found locally at pawn/second hand stores or even a used tool store we have in town. Nada, there just doesn't seem to be any interest. Even have an acquaintance who is my in at the local Goodwill. Asked him to give me a heads up if any showed. Nothing, so it looks like it will be ordered over the computer. Thanks again