Please keep an eye open


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As the forum grows we are seeing more and more potential spammers and ill doers trying to join.

We are asking forum members to always keep an eye out for spam or suspicious posts. We don't need phishing or spamming here.

Please report any suspicious posts. The staff does a good job of keeping an eye out for any suspicious behaviour but we can always use more eyes.

Thanks for you help.



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you might want to point out the Report button.
someone should use it after we make fun of them for a minute or two.

anyway the report thingy is on the bottom row of the post and say's report [okay it is capitalized]
but it lets you send a report to staff which gives them a direct link to the post.


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Hmm, think I've accidentally reported a post. Uh, sorry.

I would say the staff here does a fine job, especially considering the pay.;)