Polymer AR15 lower


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I have had one for a while. Works fine, but has not been shot for huge numbers of rounds.
I was surprised that the internals were also plastic and work just fine, too. That surprised me
more than the lower itself.



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Plastic has crept it's way in here....

The one ar lower got broken, & I helped break another. I would not buy a plastic lower for a rifle. I use rifles to hard. I've broken a couple synthetic bolt rifle stocks & I'm afraid to take the axis out hunting until restocked because, I'm certain I will break it. Don't hand my wife one, she is a destroyer too.

I do give the ok on pistols, but still prefer metal of some kind. Ain't broke none of those yet. To each their own.

You know, that same outfit you linked just had alloy anderson lowers for 29.99$ for about 3 days last weekend. I have ordered from them before without issue. Anderson lowers are pretty decent from the several I've handled.


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I run a bunch of polymer 80 lowers, including a .458 Socom, never had an issue. I don't bash skulls with the buttstocks, either. If I was buying a completed, serialized lower, I'd probably stick with 7075 forged aluminum.


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My first was an ATI Omni Hybred with a formed/cast/forged thing that hooks the front pin to the recoil spring/stock tube then polymer over moulded to form . It had every complained about bug but after 4-500 rounds through rough edges were worn off and I'd added Anderson stripped lowers to the stable . I'm not good to guns once they exit the new smell 2 week phase , but I don't use them for tent stakes , lances or hammers either . Out knocking around the desert the ATI rode around some with no noticed damage beyond truck scuffs and muddy boots .
The stigma still is there with them but I think they have the bugs pretty much worked out . There is an outfit that sells an injection mould for a lower and the polimer for it at a sort of reasonable price as a kit for 3,5 or 10 with something like a 1000 round life span . I think they could have bushings and stiffeners added to increase life . Not my thing being partial to the forged steel and wood thing .


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They typically are going to have embedded glass fibers or carbon fibers to stiffen
and strengthen them. Certainly not what I'd choose to go to war with, but for shooting
over a bench, which is all of my AR shooting, except for a bit of fun, run-and-gun sort of
game playing occasionally, should be fine. If you want to buttstroke folks, or do bayonet
practice, probably not a good choice. I wonder when the last person to die from a US
military rifle bayonet was? Probably in Vietnam, or maybe Korea.



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Mounted on the rifle, at least two that I know of in Viet Nam. A Ranger friend says "several" in Afghanistan and my nephew in USMC, "lots" in Fallujah. The little six inch blade is convenient after you throw the grenade in doing room to room. But if your question is a bayonet charge, I think Pork Chop Hill in Korea in 1953?


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Seems pretty grim when you have a modern AR carbine and you are down to sticking people
with the knife on the end. But, if folks are doing it, it must have been the right thing at that time,
under those conditions. Probably the definition of a whole lot of stuff going wrong when you
are down to that.

I actually know a special ops guy who says he has used a tomahawk in combat. Yikes! I guess
a bayonet is kinda in the same category.

A bayonet is a tool of last resort or a specialized means of attack in the military. I own two AR15 polymer lower AR15s. I use them for range use and occasional hunting. They work just fine at this point.

But I did carry a Ka-Bar on my pistol belt and eventually my Ballistic Vest as carrying a M9 beretta as a primary weapon did leave me wanting for something more than the service pistol.



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Somebody is/was making them with stock, buffer tube and pistol grip integral. Unfortunately, only A2 stock. I'd go for one if it had integral side rails for pin & trigger pin locations. Actually I'm surprised nobody makes an upper from rolled sheet metal with welded barrel receptacle. Guess it wold look too much like something from WWII.
The CavArms type one piece lower is good kit. Google the torture videos. My favorite. 300 BO has one. 8.5 # with 4x Nikon, sling and 30 rds of 110 gr ammo in the mag. And NO play twixt upper & lower!