Powder measure fix


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The ole lnl ap measure was due for yet another powder hopper. It lasts about three years. The single stages always get drained, but the ap stays set up & in progress more than not. So, the tube kinda shrinks, warps, wobbles, & turns black. Hornady warrantied them previous, but I want a better mouse trap.

Messing around online I found out there is a solution. Dram Worx.....
He is apparently a one man band. He makes pyrex powder hoppers for several widely available measures. Mine just arrived.

All 3 of ours are the old style hornady non threaded push in tube. He recommends installing a set screw on these. I will do that & follow up on the fit. My first impression is great. It looks like a permanent solution.


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Yes dropping=bad. It is reasonably thick though, I feel like it might take a little abuse. We'll see


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That is the cat's pajamas, I can't beleive this is the first I've heard of it. Looks like someone made a permanent fix for the old Titegroup hopper-melting problem.


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they been around for like 20 years.
you metallic guy's need to catch up to the shot gun reloading world...LOL.

one cool thing about shotgun reloaders is they can pretty much buy ammo for the same price as they can make it.
but they are hard headed.
they also like their machines and there are all kinds of hot rod upgrades.
if you think a Dillon 650 is fast.. pfft.
you should see a spolar or a ponsess on electric drive and a good operator.
100 count primer tubes?

all of my PW's have 300 count trays and the slide holds another 100. [I can get about 450 total on one]
25 lb shot tubes and 2 lb powder tubes lets me run off about 500 rounds in nothing flat even with a re-fill in the middle of the process.


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I got a second hand MEC Grabber and ran off a case of 1 1/8oz in about an hour and a half including set up .


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an hour and a half is 500 shells loaded, and partially boxed.
I wish I had a hydraulic or electric drive, but I gotta run mine by hand.
I think they are fast enough as is.

a flat is 250 shells, they don't even sell cases any more.


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just making the observation about the shell count now days, many people don't know a case is 500.
or what a keg or drum of powder is either...sadly.