Problem with powder coated loads


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Bill, Hodgdon has always sourced powder from wherever it was available, and the sources were/are changing.

Remember me commenting on the new Universal being purple? Come to find out ADI doesn't make it anymore, and it's made by a new process, in a new plant, in Canada. The density is noticeably different, too. 231 hasn't been 231 in 20-25 years, grab an old bottle of it and see.


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part of the powder shortage a few years back was the ADI plant having a fire, and their production switching to Canada.
I seen a few powders go through a change.
I have a jug of 2400 that is straight black and is denser.
it shoots the same, I just have to change my powder drop setting.
not only 2400 changed [and I think changed back] but I have newer red-dot and green-dot that i had to change 'settings' to match my older powders weights.
pain in the ass when you have about 70 bushings and they all suddenly move over 2 places after 30 years [closer to 40 now] of memorizing the drops for the most used ones.

international changed when universal changed too.
I have been shooting 14.5grs. of it in my 20's for years, now 14.0grs. is a maximum load.
probably just change to green-dot and find a new bushing in the box when I run out of it.