Pro's / Con's Savage Edge in 30-06


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Looking at a Savage Edge in 30-06 and I have to admit I am clueless as to what to expect from the gun vis a vis it's ability to be a 1 MOA rifle, ect. Any help would be welcome.

Kevin Stenberg

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Just my 2 cents.
I like the Axis (Edge) Barrels can be changed by me. And there is a perty good selection of over the counter barrels.
One of the weak links is the crappy trigger. But that can be replaced by anyone with modest mechanical skills. But that adds to the cost. The stock is the other detractor to the Edge. But there also you yourself can upgrade the plastic stock with a dropin wood stock or stiffen what you have.
I can deal with the factory stock, and i reduced the trigger weight on my trigger. The stock gun shoots as good good as i need it to. And does what i want at the price i can afford.
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After Ben's comment, I think I'll pass on the Savage. Only $225, but I don't want to waste money on something sub par.
I shoot a lot of Savages. I tend to favor the Model 10,11,12, 16 (short actions) and 110,111, 112, and 116 (long actions) over the Axis and Edges. This is due in large part to the design of the components inside the bolt.

If you plan to change the stock out, you will be much happier with a gun that has a top bolt release (as opposed to a bolt release that is in front of the trigger guard). There are more stocks available for these variants for less money.

Cabelas offers a Model 12FV that runs ~$415 any day of the week. They frequently go on sale for $375 or less, and when the Model 12 rebate was available, I picked one up for $275. I have two (.308 and .22-250) that shoot 1/2 MOA with the factory barrel and jacketed bullets (I pulled the barrels and Re set the head space). Ironically, I don’t shoot either much because I have a .308 built on a Model 110 in a chassis that shoots 1/4 MOA. I only use the 22-250 to fire form brass or my 6XC.

I tend to replace the barrels, the recoil lug, and the barrel nuts


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My wife has the Savage 11 in .260 Rem. Fancier gun and sturdier. Its heavier than my Axis. Both guns are equally accurate. I like shooting her gun from the bench, but in the field I prefer my gun.
I reckon I’m just too old to adjust to these new inexpensive rifles. I can usually find a used wood stock bolt action (Mauser) at a gun show or pawn shop for close to the same money.