Pruning trees


North Central Arkansas
Trimmed a cedar tree, this afternoon, that was blocking Cindy's view of a bluebird house from her home office window. Got to try out a B&D cordless hedge trimmer, purchased, recently.
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I have a bunch of trimming to do! Weather is warm but my back is not cooperating! Have 2 apple trees that have been neglected for 5 yeas....
A sizable Tulip Poplar offspring that is in the center of one of my flower gardens that is killing the plants with too much shade and rendering my sundial useless...... An out of control Catalpa tree that is killing the grass with too much shade! It is on a side hill and is causing the area to erode when it rains. Also I need to remove a few low branches from my mulberry tree.


High Steppes of Eastern Washington
Spent part of the afternoon pruning on the 60 year old lilac bush. Took a nice walk in the sunshine and made a steak dinner for the bride.