Question about the 358429 bullet


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I used to threaten my oldest girl that if she didn't clean her room up i was getting a rake and dragging it all into a pile. She'd throw herself on the floor and cry, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Whata drama queen! She's not much different today!

The old collars have been replaced with newer collars. The problem is that every time I make a collar rack or build a shelf, SWMBO thinks it's HERS. She wants the garage cleared for her car, but it's full of HER stuff blocking the way for me to put my stuff away! I cant win.


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No flies on the 358429.
My grandson shooting it today at 25 yards.



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I pulled a few bottles of bullets off tge shelf last night. One was a RCBS 150 KT and ine a 358429. Surprising how small they appear after making loading a d shooting the 454 so much lately. :)



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I didn't know the 358429 had such discrepancies. I owned a mould so marked some years back, but lost it when my house burnt and ain't picked up another. I should though as I really like the history behind it, not to mention, it's just a dang good looking bullet. I have one for a sample somewhere.