raccoons, minimum subsonic loads?


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I could help with the anti-social thing.
all you gotta do is stay in the house and watch Fox news non-stop for 6-8 weeks.


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Actually once you get away from those city slickers for awhile you'll be surprised how social ya are and how friendly folks can be. :D


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I was born in AR and spent a lot of time there growing up. My dad graduated from the U of A, Fayetteville. I have a lot of ties to the area already.


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A long time trapper friend uses a 22 short behind the ear. Says they work so well cause they always enter & do the job but, never exit.

Also watched a fellow beat a coon to death with a stick, & so guess any caliber should do.
Some of these might be fun , I have a Lyman 93 gr RN that's pretty amazing in Savage 325 30-30 with 5.5 gr of Unique . It goes well on up to 7.5 .

Full 85gr WC , HBWC , and 115 gr SWC , 1000 fps ought to lay some smack down on some sabre tooth reds and greys.
Do you know if people are shooting those hollow base wadcutters as big hollow points or as hollow bases?


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Nope .
I figured being an NOE it was most likely a nose pour RG type mould that would allow you to step it up 100-115 gr .

I shot a 358432 (?) (161 gr nose out WC) in a 358 win , as a just for grins fire forming bullet . I was kind of surprised by how far out it shot well enough to abuse rocks and stuff .

I haven't tried any of these in anything except a 313626 I think , there are just so many their running together , 95gr RN for a 32 HR that I put in 30-30 . At best it is a heavy 380 type load .


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Many years ago, I remember Jim Taylor writing about quiet vermin loads for use around the farm. As I recall, he was using a .357 Magnum levergun, no suppressor, 158-160 grain cast SWC. What made the load so quiet was his choice of powder -- 3031 (I believe the charge was 5.0 grains). I never tried this load in a levergun, but I did try a few in a revolver at our indoor range, and the sound of the bullet impact was louder than the report from the muzzle, even from the short barrel of the revolver (it would be even quieter from a levergun). I don't believe I ever chronographed that load, but I seem to recall Jim saying that they were running 500-600 fps, and thumped barnyard vermin handily.
Hmmmmm, I have not used 3031 in a .357 before. I wonder if it is any quieter than a fast pistol powder like BE, Red Dot, or Trailboss. Trailboss has always been one of the quietest powders for me and "stupid easy" to use.


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To piggy back on what Free Bullet said, I used to hunt squirrel with
22 short hps. up to 25 yds they were very accurate, and did not exit.
Don't know if you can still find them today.



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19.0 of H322 will deliver a 350 gr in a 45 Colts over the Chrony out of 16" carbine well into the 1200s . QL predicted 18,000 psi for 20 gr . It's dirty and 100 fps more than I wanted when it starts to settle down .......

I was told that 700 was probably optimistic for the revolvers.......and an impressive light show .
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A case full of 1680 in a K Hornet 10" Contender barrel topped with a 35 V max. It puts out a hell of a fireball.

Some of these loads are nice to have along when you end up with an annoying guy at the next bench.