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Temecula California
Well I guess it is all over for me for sometime.
As my wife has Dementia I have to have someone with her when I go
to the range.
Costs $25 an hour for her to be here.
Leave home at 6AM and shoot the breeze with friends until 8AM when shooting begins.
Now you cannot get out of your car until 7AM and cannot get closer than 10 feet.
Ever try hollering to a friend 10 feet away with a mask on?
All of the benches are at least 10 feet apart which means there only half of
the previous number.
If you are the first ones there you are given a number and must stop shooting
when your number is called and give your bench to someone else.
$25 to shoot plus $100 or more for someone to be with wife just doesn't cut it for me
so I am going to pack it all up ,grease the guns and put them away until
this mess is over and then maybe make a decision as to whether to go back or not.
Now to find a new hobby to take up the time what little I have after being wifes caretaker
about 2 hours a day.

Thanks for letting me rant



Sorry to hear of your situation. I have a very good friend who dealt with the same thing with his wife. It was very humbling to watch him care for her, right through to her passing. He will forever hold my admiration, as will all those who make this kind of sacrifice.
I pray for your strength, and peace of mind.


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My wife's mother had dementia/Alzheimer's for 11-years, so I know the situation you are in. You have my sympathy.


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Watching my FIL decide it was time to stop casting and shooting was tough. Selling off his stuff isn’t exactly enjoyable either.

Don’t be afraid to use us as a place to vent. We all fear the same and are here to support you.

With your range situation I can totally understand. Luckily our club has no restrictions, we just go shoot like normal.

L Ross

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When I read the problems and tribulations of the other members here, my annoyance at the state of things pales into insignificance. My prayers for all of you.

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Hi Rod, thanks for sharing with us. My Mom had dementia/Alzheimers and my wife had some serious health issues on top of that. Please make time for yourself when your situation allows it. You have to take care of yourself too or things can really get out of kilter.


West Central AR
I have seen this too and will keep you in my thoughts ..........

One of my best life friends went through or rather watched his parent go through through it . Not the place for the story but the punch line goes like this ....... Sir you've got to lose a little weight or you're headed for a heart attack " , "Well if we're lucky my Dad will call us by our right names once more and I watched my Moms MS longer than I care to recall . A heart attack seems like a good to go ." , " Sir , I'll buy the beer and bacon burgers ."