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Just got a good deal on a near NIB RCBS lubber sizer. There was a stick of RCBS bullet lube that came with the deal and the sizer is loaded with it. Would like to hear your thoughts and opinion of the both (the lubber sizer and the lube).

I really like the RCBS LAM and prefer it over the LAM II. The LAM has a through bolt that pulls the pressure washer down into the casting. The LAM II has a screw on cap and one needs to center the threaded rod in the casting and then screw the cap on. I suppose it is equal in strength, but I just like the original version.


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Sold my Lyman's and just have RCBS and SAECO now. Pistol lube is good, and rifle lube is good to 1600 f/s, the fastest I shoot anything.

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Rcbs and Lyman lube is what I started with 40 odd years ago.... I didn’t know about anything else then.
I used the rcbs rifle lube in 45/70 and the pistol and rifle lube in 44 mag.
I worked up accurate loads with it in both... light leading in the handgun sometimes, but was probably due more to bullet fit and cheap bought cast boolits.

It’s all about Ben’s Red and BLL for me now though, along with pushing the speed in .308 and .35 whelen lol.
I’ve still got some of those old Lyman and rcbs sticks laying around somewhere.


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I knew that would rile you up, Rick! Just checking to make sure you weren't getting complacent. :p

I only used the term "Flux" because not everyone automatically knows what's meant by typing "sacrificial reducant".


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I knew you knew better, was about to make a WTF kinda reply when Sendaro posted. Got some new casters here so it's probably time to go through that again.


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Sendero, I'll say in my experience the RCBS rifle lube makes better alloy reducant than it does bullet lube, but that's true for a large number of the commercial wax/oil concoctions sold as bullet lube. I'll also say that I can't speak for your rifle's preferences, or your unique set of components and reloading techniques, so the best policy (especially since it's in your sizer already) is to go ahead and try it to find out for yourself. Since you have the other stick, do you know if it's the rifle, or the pistol version?


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Used RCBS Pistol lube for probably 40 years, until I discovered Carnuba Red. Still have bullets and loaded ammo lying around that were lubed with it. What I didn't like was the tackiness and the cost. Couldn't buy in bulk. Worked fine in all my applications. Started with the RCBS Lam II, still use it for most pistol bullets. Star is used mostly for rifle/carbine bullets.


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I used a lot RCBS lube. It wasn't terrible under 1.8-2K. It was pretty decent in the 1k-1.4k area. Smelled nice I thought. You can melt it out of the sizer with a hot air gun if it bothers you.

The sizer itself is fine. There are faster types and some that are easier to use (IMO) but it's a good solid piece of equipment.
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Took a look at FROM INGOT TO TARGET with the link. Where dose one make purchase of a hard copy?
When Glen finished the book he decided to publish it online only. Don't know why but a lot of people me included printed it out and had it punched and bound at Kinko's. Well worth it in my opinion.


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If you do print it out, go buy some good paper to print it on, or copy to a jump drive and have it printed on good paper. I don't know what Officemax used on some things I had printed, but it's slightly glossy and tough.


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I could give it a try. Hope I don't run out of ink. Looks like there is much great information within it. Thanks.
When I had mine done at Kinko's I had it spiral bound, 25-30 holes punched on the left side and a spiral wire run through them. Kinko's also offers thick heavy plastic covers. I used clear plastic for the cover and a black plastic for the back cover. Worked out really well and should last many years.

I also checked on Kinko's price for printing it from a thumb drive and it was pretty pricey, printing it myself at home was cheaper by a good bit and then having Kinko's punch and bind it. I did run out of black ink in the middle and had to go get more but the cost of the ink, paper and Kinko's punching & binding it was still less than Kinko's printing it.

Ian is correct, use a quality heavy paper for the durability and it will last for years. Well worth the cost, it's a very worthwhile book with great info throughout.


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I have used a couple of sticks of RCBS lube for handguns, worked fine. Not great,
not horrible. Use it up, then find something you like more, unless you are picky.


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I also used Rcbs lube for a long time, but I didn’t like either rifle or pistol lubes, so used to melt the rifle and pistol 50/50 and pour it into the sizer.
Like 35shooter I.m using Bens Red with a little more beeswax added now. One of these days i’ll Find some liquid wax to make some Bll and try that too. Not sure I really need it, but why not. Thanks Ben.