Rem 700 ,308 range results


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Went out shooting this morning with my brother. Among other things I shot some NOE 312290 220gr cast loads. Bullets were cast from COWW +2% foundry type and air cooled. I used Hornady gas checks and sized bullets to .311"
They were lubed with Glen's Black moly lube an had one coat of BLL over top. These were loaded in 1974 LC brass that was fire formed and neck sized. CCI LRP sparked the 20.0gr of SR4759. I did not chrony these so not sure of the speed. I'll post pics below of the five shot group at 100 yards and then the 9 shot(needed one shot for scope adjustment) group at 230 yards.


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Have you backed that load down any? My 308 lost a bit of accuracy at 20.0 grains. Worked well from 18.0 to 19.5 gr 4759 but with a 180 gr bullet. I never did try a bullet that heavy.

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Not sure. I saved it from a pawn shop about eight years ago.
I've "saved" a few guns from gun stores and pawn shops. (I put saved in quotes because I was more like a kid in toy store that found a good deal)

Remington gets a lot of grief becuse thier quality took a nose dive in the years leading up to the company's failure. That's a little unfair when you look at the total production of Model 700 rifles. For the vast majority of that rifle's production history - it was a solid performer at a good price.
In fact, by the early 1990's you could pick up a new Model 700, and in many calibers, have a M.O.A. rifle right out of the box.

The 700's will never get the love of the pre-64 Winchesters or Mauser actions, but the 700 did a lot of things really well at a low price. Remington used good steel, the action was very strong, and it proved to be an excellent design for many decades.

The 308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) is an amazing cartridge. It is capable of outstanding accuracy and delivers plenty of power.


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This particular 700 was a steal. It came in a McMillan A-3 stock and had a Leupold VXIII 3.5x10 scope.
$600 out the door.
I'll say!

Our second-series sniper rifles were much like this--700V barreled action in pillar-bedded synthetic stocks & free-floated barrels (don't recall the maker). These replaced Ruger 77HB 308s that were.......uneven, let's just say. My issued Ruger shot pretty well to 300 meters, about 1 MOA or so. The Rem that followed ran 0.6-0.7 MOA to 300 meters, all shots fired with Federal Gold Medal Match (168 grain MKHP @ 2650 FPS). Both rifles were box-stock, both had guard screws set at 60 inch/pounds. The 700s were built c. 1986. Those were some decent rifles.

The Rem 700V in 308/Leup VX-III 3.5x-10x was the FBI's boiler-plate recommendation for police department marksman rifles for many years.