RIP Bush 41


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Brave, patriotic Naval Aviator. Takes huge guts to be shot down in flames, literally, lose your radio
operator and gunner, survive in a tiny raft in the huge Pacific ocean, picked up by a sub,
given leave at home, and then volunteer to go back when the rule was that anyone recovered
from the sea did not have to go back to combat.
He insisted on going back to fly off the carriers in combat.

Not a fan of some of his politics, but he was truly heroic in WW2, no question about that.


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Never agreed 100% with ANY politician, but he stepped up when the country needed him in WWII and I believe he tried as hard as he could to make America a better place after that. I can respect that, may his soul rest in peace.


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While he certainly earned my appreciation and respect for his military service to this country, with regard to his political views and dealings, I'll have to say, 'no comment'.
RIP Mr. Bush.