Rotometals alloy analysis


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My basic lead alloy is nuclear medicine lead, of which I have secured a more or less lifelong supply. It has some properties that makes me curious about the composition of the alloy. The metal analysis offered by Rotometals seems to be the most relevant and affordable offer I have found, so I am considering shipping a lump of alloy across the Atlantic.

Their web page does not specify the amount of alloy needed to perform such a test. Does anyone here know?
(I could of course send them a mail, just thought I could ask you guys first, as my general experience with company contact forms is rather dissapointing).


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Well, now I can answer my own question. Rotometals have an excellent live chat service, where my question was immediately answered. A quarter-sized sample of metal is enough.


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I’m not sure. But the available metal analysis I have found here in Norway are ridicilously expensive (sell-a-kidney expensive), and not similarily relevant regarding bullet metal. Even with 40$ shipping cost, Rotometals will be cheaper (and the analysis more relevant).
Edit: just found out. About 4$ shipping :)
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it would be 40$ coming your direction...LOL.
I'd just wrap it up in some paper and mail it in an envelope, it you can get it thin enough to pass through a mail sorting machine. [3mm maybe]