Ruger 9mm Carbine


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Ain’t gonna work down south right now without a snorkel!

I’ve got water standing in places where it has never been before and it’s still raining. I don’t think Lowe’s sells gopher wood but we may need some.

Nice carbine Ben, looks like tons of fun.


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If we keep poking fun at him he might just get mad and whip out a chunk of AA Claro walnut and restock the thing. Or maybe some Krylon and leaves like the H&R....

Ben, its all in good fun, and if you need any tips on mounting extra picatinny rails for flashlights, lasers, bipods, tactical-bacon dispensers, and whatnot, all ya gotta do is ask.:D

Seriously, though, I love my PCC and of all my ARs it gets the most range time. I'm sure youre gonna love your Ruger.
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I handled one at the LGS and liked it, but was a bit surprised at the weight. Feels like
a real, solid rifle. Somehow I expected......lightweight plasticy feel, and it is not like that
at all. Takedown was amazingly easy, too.



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Well, fiver.....the guy who started this thread can, if he chooses, put a really fine wood
stock on that beast. Uniquely qualified, IMO.



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oh most definitely.
if I had a say in the matter...
I'd like to see something classic like the old 98 mausers had, or a piece of dyed Birch with a high gloss 3" deep finish.


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Something like a Reising stock would be cool, sanded to 80-grit and dunked in a vat of BLO. A 16" PCC that takes down at the breech will fit in just about any backpack, very handy.
Its on my list but all I've seen here in CA is the non threaded version. Waiting on the threaded version or ill wait a year till we move to Idaho and wont have all these stupid laws. Maybe they will have other calibers by then?
If you watch some of the take down videos where they disassemble the bolt you will see that they have set it up to be made in different calibers. The bolt basically has an easily changeable breech face and that with changeable magwells means other calibers on the horizon.

Kevin Stenberg

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I finally saw my first one today. Pistolero was spot on about being a solid gun, and also about the weight.
By the time Ben gets his mall ninja stuff on the gun it will be a heavy weight contender.