Ruger LCR feedback


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I haven't pulled the sideplate to check the internals, and likely won't if a trip to the factory is in the works. Add to the mix that the S&W factory has announced a move from MA to TN, this might not be a great time to seek warrantee repairs.

The tension increase is a bit of a poser, for certain. 600-round history, all 125 JHP +P to match the carry loads. Maybe cartridges are dragging on the recoil shield for some reason, though the cylinder swings free without hang-ups. Life has had a lot of moving parts for a while now, and some of that slowed or stopped recently. I haven't had time to do a real shakedown with this little banger, using a variety of loads and brass makes. Now that my desert shooting playground's blast furnace weather is likely at an end, this pocket roller will get wrung out more thoroughly and deliberately. Divided attention figures highly in this matter.

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Just speculating on my part, but I would venture a guess that something is dragging as the cylinder turns and it’s intermittent because the recoil sets up the problem and it gets re-set when the cylinder is opened, or the spent casings are ejected. I would pull the cylinder off the yoke and look for debris or poor machining.


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That is as good a place as any to start looking. I'm likely over-thinking this, when I should be tearing into the mechanism and doping this out. BLEEP warrantees, and S&W. I can do this stuff.....and will.


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I have the 9 - fast to load and empty, steel frame (like the .357) cast is great with slower powders like BE86, positive grip, durable and snag-free. No matter which model you pick, you'll need white and black nail polish. When the front sight insert flys away at shot 89, you'll want to toothpick on a new one. When the cylinder latch screw is falling out, you'll want to paint it back up in place. I saved my dog with one.


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Almost at shot 1000 and still have not had to replace the front sight insert or the cylinder latch screw.