Scope repair


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Saw this on the Gunboards forums and thought I'd pass it along. The owner of L&K scope repair has suffered a heart attack and right now the scope repair business is on hold. The family is trying to contact the owners of scopes sent in for repair. I believe this was in the sniper forum and just within the last couple of weeks this was posted. Frank


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Always hate to hear this stuff. But it is part of the territory when you get gray hair. Hope he snaps back from this.

As a sidenote my reticle is holding up just fine and I did another one over the winter on a friends Junior Target Spot.


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Never did a shooting scope but I made lots of Cross hairs in my eraly 20's for the local observatory! They needed special kinds. One was for polar alignments scopes these were hard because they were used to Adjust the North Star to the True pole of the earth from our position to align the Equatorial Scope mounts . These were sort of hit and miss because I did not have the super micrometer tools to figure the distance out. Once I got it close they would let me know a "steets" more or less! Made a few of those they used for years. And yes also true Cross hairs use to hold a star on the wires when making a long photographic exposure of celestial objects! I looked at it as it is not rocket science just good mechanical skills as a good reason to be really anal at what I do!

Visited the observatory again after 40 years and found out they are still using them! & with much success....Makes me feel good!
Now taking apart my Target scope and putting in new wires Heck No!
Either I'm too old or more smart!