Short center to center base peep sight for original Win 1885 [Marbles or Lyman]


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The thought of a peep sight base shorter than that of the 1885 appeals to me. The original screw space between the front screw and the rear screw is 2.180, but the kicker is the distance between the center of the front screw to the tip of the hammer spur when cocked is @ 0.400" . So the front edge of any sight base must not extend more than 0.400" from the front screw [10-32 x .342, IIRC].

Would a 336 Marlin bases' front mounting hole give me a front sight edge overhang of 0.400" or less?


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Neither the 1940 Shooter's Bible, nor the 41st Edition of Lyman handbook, nor the present Lyman net page lists a tang sight for an 1885 Winchester. FWIW

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I bought a Marble’s tang sight for my 1885, but, I have not installed yet.
It’s adjustable for windage and elevation. Just look up Marbles sights


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I read the information on the Marbles' Standard Peep Sight and the Improved Peep Sight before deciding the 336 sight was of interest.

Marbles makes no unified sight / base / screw / staff list, so you have to bounce from page to page, but you can find out the screw spacing [fixed or slotted], screw thread / length, and if you look at the bottom of the improved sight PDF [IIRC], you can find out the height adjustment of the staff [short, standard, long, maybe more]. The improved page also has the base angle listed of 21 or 18 degrees [1885 is 18 degrees].

No listing of the base dimensions. :(