Shot a deer yesterday

out of my blackpowder triumph, 50 cal, 85 gr bh209 powder, tc yellow sabot w a Noe 460-350 ranchdog sized to .452, 50-50 ww/pure.

Deer was shot at 20 yards I reckon and fell faster than the smoke could move.

Entry hole size of a finger, exit hole I could stuff a index and a middle finger into it.

Awesome bullet. These I shoot can do about 1 inch or so at 60 yards and open to 2 inch as my memory serves me at 100 which isn't terrible
Thanks bud. I nearly missed the booger. I have the gun lined in for 100 yards and I shot 6 inches high on a 100 lb doe lol. Might have pulled or the deer might have been getting ready to bust a move.


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Nice job, glad it worked out. Sounds like the bullet did what it is supposed to. Any estimate of muzzle velocity?

Got your package today, thanks a lot! Postmistress was complaining about the weight though, you were generous.
Supposably the velocity clocks at 1600-1650 fps. Proves to me I don't have to blow these any faster out of my 45-70 as they'll do the same same as what happened yesterday. Kill deader than dead!

Oh your welcome thanks for being patient on package arival


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that matches my 45 colt lever gun ballistics with a 255gr bullet made of almost the same alloy.
the guy's I was hunting with at the time doubted it's effectiveness until they seen my deer hanging in the tree while I was skinning it out waiting for them to come back to the truck.

none of them even heard the shot.
A well placed shot from a capable gun will put em down.

My problem here is I like to make vital shots and I have people to my right and left so I'm small caliber afraid or light bullet afraid and always said to myself "big and heavy should work" that way I feel more confident that my deer won't run to far. Had one run from a bad shoulder shot w a less than capable xtp that desintigrated. How embarrassing lol. Luckily the deer died on my property line. Actually ran all the way to the shed where I hang them. It was kinda comical how it worked out. That was a poorly placed shot due to my lack of concideration of bullet construction. A non magnum xtp should never be placed on the front shoulder.


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especially outside of its working velocity window.
I know under their window they won't open like they are supposed to.