Show me your 44's!


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My only .44 at the moment is a pre-29 that I picked up off a guy in 1971 for $150. It has gotten a little ugly from being carried over the 48 years I've owned it. It is just so silky smooth. Lately I have gravitated to the .41 with a 8 3/8 M57 and my new woods gun a M58 that I picked up a couple of years ago. I like them all. The .44 mostly just sees 240gr. cast over 6gr Bullseye anymore. It will go to one of my grandsons one of these days.


+1 on the 6 grains of Bullseye in the .44 Mag. Also my favorite .44-40 load. In the stronger .44 Magnum and Marlin .44-40s you can increase the charge to 7 grains or so for a bit more velocity. Something about 1000 rounds to a pound of powder that has a nice "ring" to it.