Signs that the seasons are changing


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A good sign is when there is no fire in the fireplace but the dog sitting in front of it starring into the empty fireplace and saying woof. And to think, the fireplace just won't listen. :confused: The woof word works for all manor of things but the fireplace just don't care. :rolleyes:

Listening to the weather this morning I was reminded that it's not a cold snap but a polar vortex.


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The children in fur coats always know what's coming.

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Dezi, our ol' cat and my longtime buddy is gone......

But our neighbor has one..... a black one..... Runs wild on its own. I saw its tracks and watched.... A good mouser and vole eliminator. Doris stopped by and I said is that black cat yours? "Yeah..... Do yah want it?" "No" I said "he's doing just fine on his own."

Buy Blacky won't miss an advantage! Starlings had been bad earlier and I eliminate them.... Seems ol' Blacky finds them and leaves just a feather or two... He's well feed..... he likes it and so do I!

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Broke out frozen traps this morning. Suppose to be single digits the next couple nights. Won’t be long i’ll Be able to get on the ice. The dogs are eating beaver again and look insulted when I put their regular chow in their bowls. Life begins after freeze up.


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Yes My tabby cat, Tim, has transitioned from laying under the ceiling fan on our bed to laying up against the living room radiator at night!
Our big orange tabby, Tangi, takes to laying on the blanket on top of my son's old toy box which sit under a table that is next to the radiator in the spare room!
Pooter our new kitten just drops whenever his "energy level" gets low! Which is only 5 minutes every 4 hours! What were we thinking!:embarrassed: