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Recently, I needed a .453" sizer die for one very particular revolver I own. I couldn't find one for sale anywhere, so I had my friend Bruce Frechette make one for me. He turned out a thing of beauty! Sized bullets come out right on .453" and they are smooth and round. If you need an odd sized sizer die, you might consider having Bruce make one for you. He does good work. He lives in McGill, NV and can be reached through his facebook page.

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Making them is easy with the right tools. Doing it in a manner that is profitable, not so much.
Need to be efficient and have a well thought out methodology to make money at it, unless your time is worth little.


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Plus one for both being a good man and a skilled machinist . He did a check die for me for a 45 Schofield chamber cut with a 45 ACP reamer to HS on a case mouth with .453 throats .

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Good to know, Glen. I "needed" one a couple of years ago & ended up lapping an extra .452 Star die I had at the time.


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Just a few tools specific to the size dies .
Seems like it was right after the NCBS about 3 yr ago .
It seems to me like there were 3 tools that did like .005 taper @.5" , face , and radius each in a single pass for the Lee style dies .
We talked of many things on a 32 hr drive to hog camp .


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Rick/Buckshot still has his machinery in place in his garage. I am not going to speak for him as to the wherefores and whys he stopped making the tools he offered. I CAN say--from my own experience--that the two best days of my 12-year Type 01 FFL business experience were 1) the day I received my FFL and Seller's Permit to open the shop and 2) the day I closed the shop.


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Bruce has his own equipment and a lot of talent. He made me a .432" sizer that is spot on for size.

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I favor the Lee press mounted push through dies and then lube in an oversize die in my Lyman machines. To open up a Lee a thou or two, I just coat bullets with 320 grit Clover paste and push them through. When the bullet stops cutting, I use a new one. I clean the die and measure with a clean bullet every now and again to keep from going oversize. The last series of passes, I switch to 600 grit Clover past to sneak up on the proper size and give a good smooth finish to the inside of the die.
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Sounds like the boat owner's best two days.....the day he buys his beautiful brand new boat, and
the day he sells that hole in the water where he has been dumping all his money.