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Indoors the most I have had is 3 ! Now outdoors over the years I have taken care of up to 25 kitties at a time on my "Cat Ranch" & That is a lot of Chicken and Kibble not to mention a lot of love! They all show affection differently but they are all friends and most are cuddly. Many follow me around the property while I work and watch or sometimes help ( or at least they think the are helping) Like the time I was using my new expensive black rubber hose and one of them thought I was being attacked by a big back snake....I had to repair about 10 tooth puncture holes!


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I'm a dog person, but have known enough cats to know their appeal. At the ranch we had a dog or two but never cats until one day . . .
Now this is in the middle of nowhere, but one day a Siamese wandered up to the house. Pure bred male as far as we could tell. Immediately wormed his way into our hearts. Grandad (definitely not a cat person) took to him and named him crazy cat. He was an in and out cat, preferring to be inside at night. Cousins and I slept on the floor (when we slept inside) and crazy cat would curl up on my back to sleep, purring away. He'd bring my Grandmother offerings of entrails placed on the doormat.

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I've never considered myself a "cat person," but I can't stand to see one suffer. I don't pick cats - they pick me. WHY some of these feral monsters decide that I'm OK is beyond me, but the trust is my soft spot. When they trust ME, I have to wonder just how smart cats really are.

I have three, who are utterly devoted, but I do not understand it. I actually don't even LIKE cats! However, that they drag themselves to my door and are respectful and appreciative of what I can share, it obliges me to respect them. Our latest hangs out on our front porch and protects us. WHY, I have no idea. In return, I feed him, make sure he has access to fresh water (even when it's freezing out) and a heated cat house on the front porch and the back porch. He does NOT appreciate the Neosporin assaults on his wounds or the expensive Vet visits, but hangs around in spite of such violations of his sovereignty. NONE of this is working to make him go away!

OK, maybe I am enabling them, but I respect a non-indigenous animal who is doing nothing more than trying to survive when it was thrust upon this world without any support system, yet it is polite, respectful and appreciative. My Vet (an amazing young lady) tells me they have a sense for a "softie," in so many words. But she's young and can't possibly know any better yet.

I'm no "softie" and I HATE cats. She may be a wonderful Vet, but doesn't know squat about old men - she's still sorta full of it on that topic.

OK, I better got check on Fred and Shortie. I haven't looked after them in something like fifteen minutes now. Harry, that big pain in the keester, is lying by the wood-stove, so I know he's fine.


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Hey Rich, Dallas County jail has that happen every month from 6th story. Then they sue the county for the fall from the 4rd. Failed to give more sheets.