Spanish Mausers

Picked up 3 1916 Spanish Mausers from the current OWS deal. They are advertised as functional with cracked stocks. Defiantly need some TLC but that is the fun.



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How are the bores on those ? 7mm is one dandy cartridge !
Bought several of the 1916 Small Rings the Israel Defense Forces re-barreled to 308 30 years ago. Well used stocks similar to yours. Biggest improvement was to install a Timney Small Ring Mauser trigger. That cut groups in half. Next step is going to be a receiver sight.


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Sounds good though. Maybe a long fat 7mm "torpedo" would grip enough to be useful.
Have a 32-20 1873 with pitted interrupted rifling that will still hold minute of ground hog at 35 yards with a .315+.


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my Pop gave me a choice of one of the 'mexican' mausers or a 91 Moisin as a deer rifle when I was a kid.
I took the Mauser.
I figured I could carry it versus having to drag that Moisin around or drill the stock for some wheels.