Splitting bullets


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Saw an episode of Forged in Fire last night. One of the tests for the two finalists was to have their Naval Cutlass clamped in a vise and then Will Willis shot a .45 (I think) Commander at the edge. He hit each one and split the bullets. I noticed that the rounds must have been jacketed as you could clearly see the jacket come loose from the core. The target behind the blade showed three or four holes after each shot. I've seen bullets/balls split before but never jacketed stuff that showed such separation of component pieces.

No point to be made, just sharing an observation. I love trick shots of all types.

Also learning to love Knight Fight, worth watching if you like to see full armored combat, its MMA/UFC in full armor using real (blunted) weapons.


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My favorite trick shots were when Bob Munden and Tom Knapp would shoot aspirin out of the air. Bob with his revolver and Tom with a 22 rifle he had had since he was a kid. I seem to remember Tom saying that there had been like a million rounds through the 22.


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Years ago, my close friend and shootin buddy setup an axe in front of a paper target, to see if he could split a Round Ball, we were both shooting 50 cal muzzleloaders. Dang if he didn't do it on the very first shot, It was my turn, and I hit the wood handle with my first, and last shot, He was so upset...He said ENOUGH. and took the axe down... I guess it was his good axe?
I've never heard the end of that...it comes up everytime we go shooting.


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Splitting bullets is an old "trick shot" competed at many muzzleloader shoots.
The larger the caliber the easier it gets also.


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Yes, I've seen round ball splits, just never seen any jacketed splits.

Who was the guy that used to shoot Savage (I think) .22 rifles to make profiles of Indian heads and such? Used to advertise in Boy's Life.


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I particularly enjoyed those tests when Will started actually doing the shooting by hand instead of them using a Ransom Rest. The jackets shuck right off the core, typical actually of low-velocity handgun ammo.


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Makes for some semi-lethal secondary projectiles.
The next fad in Mall Ninja Super Tactical EXTREME! weaponry- a gun ( an AR of course) that shoots a double bitted axe into the BG's chest and then you follow up with shots splitting the bullets to give multiple hits on target with little chance for over penetration! Guys who spend every waking moment in "Condition 1" will be clamoring for these things. I'm willing to let the first thousand or so investors with a couple mill$$$ in hand in on the ground floor. Call NOW!!! Operators are standing by!!!!