Sprue opening jig prototype


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Sprue opening jig prototype all wood easy to make, can't mar the mold
I cut a groove in the base to
adjust the base length for your mold size.
next modification will be a piece of slotted angle iron attached to the bottom of the wood base so I can easily adjust depth according to mold size

For my NOE Molds

Easy modification for RCBS molds

Modification for Lee 2 cavity molds, add a 1/2" piece of wood and cut a notch out where the sprue plate stop is.

seems I never get past the prototype stage :(, the prototypes work so why make another one?:)
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Interesting. Looks like you've gotten a lot of use out of it, but I have to ask, why not just preheat the moulds to get started and then cut the sprue while it's still soft? Cutting most alloy sprues takes nothing more than a gloved thumb and wrist rotation if the timing is right. Pure lead and true eutectic alloys can be a little more work.


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Some of us are a little older and make noise when we stand up :(

some motions just aren't as easy as they used to be.

I do use a hotplate set to 375 with a 3/8" piece of steel on it to help create an even heat.


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I'm only middle-aged, but have been taking steps for years to minimize stress to the already over-used body, so can appreciate the setup. Forcing myself to get comfortable sitting in a chair to cast bullets and and do all the reloading processes was a first big step in that direction; then I began shifting more and more to progressive or semi-progressive operations that minimize repetitive, fine motor movement.


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It's nice when the sprue plate will turn with a gloved hand, and most of the time that is how things roll for me. I have a rawhide mallet ready at hand for times that doesn't hold true, just the same. This is a pretty cool adaptation for such times, far less crude than whacking the sprue plate like a demented blacksmith.


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A gentleman had a stroke & wants to continue casting, a solution. Simpler as below, couple 1/2" bolts. If the bolts exert pressue on the handle and tab, won't hurt the mould. Adjust spacing as needed. Could be done vert as well like gmps. Often my sprue doesn't drop right out.