Star Predicament


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My Star sits happily on a Lyman heater. Heater is almost never used any more but makes a very nice mounting plate.
I may need more help. The valve is stuck unless heat is applied. It has to be warm to work. I can twist hard enough on the pressure handle that lube will bleed out of the vent in back. Please let me know if I am missing the mark. .


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:headscratch:What lube are you using and how old is the lube. Sounds much like dried caked lube or maybe one of the commercial hard lubes. Some lubes do need heat to flow well


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you need heat on the whole tube, as well as the body of the machine.

I let my heater cycle a couple of times to make sure everything is warmed up before I use the machine.
if I'm in a hurry I break out the heat gun and work from the top down, while the heater works from the bottom up.

the repair on the old star was actually fairly easy, I just lined everything up and welded the pieces back together.
I used it for another couple of years then gave it to a new caster when I got a decent buy on a new one.
I then swapped the new one off to Waco so I'm down to 2.
the other San Diego and the one I bought in like jeez 90-92 somewhere in there.


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I've never read the Star manual or seen one, but: I do not fill the tube with lube past the bleed hole, that is to let air escape as you tighten it down. I leave about 1/4 inch from top of the lube to the bleed hole. What other said about heaters applies, and when in use run already lubed bullets thru about every 10th or so to keep it running smooth.
Thanks again for your help. The old lube is cleared out of the tube. The machine has worked but has needed heat to start. What was is in the machine now is White Lube 50/50. This lube is fresh. The old stuff was a black substance that was rock hard. Yes, the machine was jammed with the old dried lube. Heated the tube originally. Figured on a long grueling fight to get the machine clean. The cylinder was nearly full. I poked the mass with a screwdriver. When the screwdriver was withdrawn the lube came out leaving cylinder clean. Since then several batches of bullets have successfully been sized. No sign of contamination from the old lube. That does not mean no contamination,. There are no black streaks in the new. Got it set up and running last night. These devices are a wonderment. Suggestions appreciated. Take care and be safe.
This time round there were no problems getting the Star going. Ran great. Thanks for the help. It is not a good thing to get on autopilot and insert bullet base first.
Thanks for the help. The dies are a smooth swap. Sizer is working wonderfully. I'll bet somewhere in this cosmos there are in instructions on rebuilding a Midway heater.
I'm owning this one: On other undertaking I have done better, Basically, the running good for the sizer was short lived. It was possible to lube bullets. Machine would work but with a serious leak. What had happened was that the screw, Hycar washer, and plate were missing. As a hint, an earlier owner had attacked the machine in several places with channel locks.

I also ordered a 44 caliber die and punch from lathsmith. Other parts are on the way from Magma. If the Midway heater dies then the Lyman will do. Thanks for getting me going in the right direction.