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they are adjustable?
neck tension could be plenty, a slight amount of roll just kissy face bump crimped is insurance.
Fiver, they are adjustable, but squeeze the neck inwards rather than roll it into a groove. The crimp area is about 1/16".
Now I feel silly. It took me a few minutes to realize that was a rhetorical question.
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Think some more, along the lines of a heater hose clamp and valve lapping compound...and a dowel rod sharpened in a pencil sharpener.
My pistol has a tighter neck and shorter throat than my 16" barrels, but the Lee 155 still chambers just fine if sized .311" and is crimped in the crimp groove. For the rifle barrels, I can seat the bullet out and crimp into the first driving band. The lyman 311672 is similar in weight, and its shape is such that I can seat it out and crimp into the first band for the pistol. My RCBS dies have the taper crimper and it works just fine.
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