Success with PC wccoww.

Les Staley

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Got two whitetails this fall, a small eight point with a 30-30 Winchester carbine, and a doe with my Bighorn Armory 460 S&W. Both bullets cast of COWW and water dropped, gas checked, powder coated with Harbor Freight cheapo powder. The 30-30 loaded with 29 gr IMR 3031, not chronoed but pushing 2000 fps. The 460 shooting the same set up with a 315 gr bullet at close to 2100 fps. Both deer died, (the 460 doe certainly deader) , neither bullet recovered (well, duh) leading observed.


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Welcome to the forum. Les if you're powder coating bullets after water quenching, powder coating heat cycles the lead and removes most of what you gained from water quenching.
And they still worked great. So many people insist on shooting cast bullets that are way to hard. The fit is king not getting them so hard

358156 hp

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Especially with powder coat. It's not quite a jacket, but it sort of is a jacket. I prefer to think of it as a "barrier".

358156 hp

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I water drop AFTER PC'n.
I do the same for any bullet I don't necessarily want to expand. When I PC hollowpoints, I simply turn off the oven and walk away until they cool completely, at least when the temps in the garage are pretty cool, like now. I plan my alloy selection around this of course, no sense doing this with lino, for example. The bullets will still have the normal bhn of the base alloy.

Kevin Stenberg

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A gentleman on an earlier thread did some extensive BHN testing on PC bullets to show the affects of water cooling after PC.