Swaged/broached 7mm HP's


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Just an update,the HP idea(from buggered Lee mould thread),came to fruition yesterday.Call it the 1.0 version.

Changing lanes for a moment...

If you look at a SC (socket cap,Allen head) sometime,you'll easily see leftover material shaved,in the broaching process used in their manufacture.Will say Torx fastener's are broached as well.

So,semantics' aside...

You can call'm swaged,or you can call them broached,whatever.Taking a Luepold scope ring,supplied little wrench(got a bunch)...and zip wheeling off the short side creates a beautiful cheap little T15 broach.Very quickly machined the fixture to hold bullets for using a very small centering drill to spot a hole.Switch to the Loopy T15 tool,voila....comes out perfect.

Put it this way.....

Look at a Gold Dot,Silvertip,or Hydra Shok(although these have a pin)....from a sharp HD perspective on how well their swaging process leaves the tips....compared to the above T15 7mm Lee,broach is like comparing a box of crayola's to our Iwata "pro" airbrushes.That's how bloom'n sharp the definition is on these 7mm varmint HP bullets are.

Version 2.0 is in R&D and is going in a slight tangent.We need to research on certain"match grade" JB's....so,stay tuned.

***Note: These are VARMINT bullets.They are for exploding,total fragmentation with no exit.Anyone with a 7mm CB,in hand....hold a Luepold T15 wrench up to the nose.You're gonna see it.Each one of those "ribs",gets shoved into the nose,PERFECTLY.The T15 size will work for 7 and .30.Smaller/larger cals requires different size Torx.BW


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The tooling is pretty easy to make,the DP (drillpress)used for the actual "work" part is the refugee DP that got booted out of our machine shop.A bigger badder one took it's place.

But,and the point of this post...

In our queue of available equipment is a "sensitive drill"...which is a very small DP,google them.Ours is an absolutely MINT,Pratt & Whitney.Would love to say we resto'd it but can't.Nope,this one was as new from about 1935-40?Not a scratch on it.Price?10$.......put it this way,you know those tiny holes in a spraygun's aircap?Not the needle hole,but that series of holes on the face.That's the scale of what these uber high precision DP's knock out with boring simplicity.They come from a time in machinery technologies,pre CNC.....that,have still yet to be matched for accuracy,albeit on an analog sense.

Google images for them,and then google a Moore Jig Borer.Same precision,same time period.The P&W sensitive drills will fit on a bar stool,to give you an idea of their girth.

Keep an eye out for one.....great little DP for your reloading bench.Don't spend over 100$.BW


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when they are cast with the 6 sided hollow points they are called penta points.
Actually Miha uses a 5 sided pin, hence penta point. 6 sides would be hexa point.
Never really tested them enough to see if they expand any better but they do look cool.


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Hey, if your Mustang had 6 dents instead of 5, would it matter?:(

Fiver, if I'm not here to give you grief then what good am I?


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someones gotta do it.
sides I fixed one of the dings so I could drive home yesterday.
it might have 5 it might still have 6.
it does have 6 sets of pictures floating around out there in cyber space.