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The rule that if it's listed here it can only be listed here has been removed.​
  • NO spamming ,no degrading posts on sales threads, No eBay links.
  • Privileges to post here can be revoked for abuse of Swap and Sell.
  • This area is meant for casual sales only.
  • Please list your item(s) fairly and accurately. A photo is helpful in your sales ad.
  • Sellers should respond to questions from the buyer and make themselves available via PM until the item is delivered.
  • In the event two people show interest in the purchase of the same item, the seller has the final determination as to who s/he decides to sell the item to.
    Once the item is sold, please EDIT your sales ad at the top line of the original post to show the item is SOLD. It is frustrating for prospective buyers to read three pages of posts only to find the item sold.
  • Any shooting related product are permissible, except firearms and loaded ammunition. It is assumed that both the buyer and seller are following all applicable laws. If it is discovered that items are being sold here in violation of state or federal law, those responsible will lose their privileges to buy/sell items here.
Buyer Beware: The Swap & Sell section is provided by The Art and Science of Bullet Casting as an area for members to sell their unneeded items. By using this area you agree The Art and Science of Bullet Casting will assume no responsibility for the outcome related to any and all transactions which may originate on this site. It is the joint responsibility of the buyer(s) & seller(s) to ensure the details of the transaction are satisfactory to both parties before completing the transaction

While the forum provides a venue for buyers and sellers to find one another, the forum and its staff accept no responsibility or liability for any aspect of the transaction. The buyer and seller accept any and all risk themselves.
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Please list price in the original post with the item(s) listed for sale.
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