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Some of my molds work best with «pressure casting», with a spouted ladle. The downside is, there are often spikes on the bullet, corresponding to the vent lines of the mold. Not a big deal, really, as the spikes can be scraped of with a fingernail. But then, you accumulate lead under your fingernail, which is probably not a good idea.
Besides bullet casting and shooting, another of my hobbies is guitar playing. I recently bought a couple of new thumb picks, when it struck me: these should be quite perfect tools for scraping spikes and flashing of bullets?
The edges of the picks are rounded, just square of the edges you would use for scraping. I wear the pick while sorting bullets, whenever I need a scraper, I have it «on hand», so to speak. 78D29649-1C33-4394-89ED-2B80EC1B7B4F.jpeg


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Well ain't that just clever as heck. I don't pressure cast or have to deal with whiskers, but one of my moulds leaves a trace of parting line on one side of the nose. Just so happens I have some banjo picks, thumb picks are made of nickel.


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Funny how many bullet casters are also musicians. Seems a lot of people are either a machinist/mechanic type bullet caster or an artsy/creative type bullet caster. Some are both.


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'chuckle'.. Keith.

I got no artistic talent [unless you count playing music on the stereo] no drawing ability, and can barely make a recognizable ashtray from clay.


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I couldn't carry a tune in a backpack, and I leave machining to folks that know what they are doing. I am a fair-to-middling bullet caster, but most of what I know came from standing on the shoulders of artists and mechanical wizards--many of whom reside herein. Maybe my best contribution or attribute is to know when to shut the (blank) up and pay attention.


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My thumb pick is plastic but don't wear gloves when I use it. Can't read music or sing, banjo escapes me but guitar & bass are fun. Trying to get good at Mandolin style picking.


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Well, we might not always play the same tune. But I think what us casters have in common, is that we’re makers. We enjoy the process of giving form and function, making things that work.


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Dirt and grunge under the nail goes a long way to keep the lead from sticking? I think KFC helps as well..... at least on it's removal.

But cool tip on the guitar,thumb pics Spin. Thanks for posting.