Targets, diy splatter & download sites


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Targets, diy splatter & download sites

FREE DOWNLOAD SITES (5 pges, click pages on bottom portion of screen) (they have the US Military M16 sight target) Scale drawings of metal silhouette targets are available in PDF format (supposedly a link to all targets on the web) TARGETS, WALPAPERS,SCREEN SAVERS Click on pistol or rifle and select desired target DESIGN YOUR OWN TARGET ... te#Targets

hillary-clinton-shooting-target Homemade Target Stand

PAY SITES (a downloadable target generator - 14 day trial period)


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DIY shot and see targets,
1) Cover paper with shelf liner or clear tape;
2) Spray paint either use up old cans or <$ Paint @ HD, Wally world or ?.
3) Allow paint to completely dry, cut to the desired size, embellish.

[NOTE] I don't recommend LOWES 99 cent paint it doesn't dry as well as the others.


I prefer paint colors other than black, (I lose my sites in a black target)
Matte finish is easier to see.

I believe you can tape the holes and pint over the tape to use the target again.

9¼” x 11” targets
I like to use a black felt marker, draw a cross the use a compass to draw circles 1 inch apart

7”x7” targets you can make a template and spray a cross on it or use a marker

7” plates I use a compass to draw circles 1 inch apart and put a smiley face sticker in the middle

Tool Bench Clear Packaging Tape, 45-yd. Rolls dollar tree $1
22x28 poster board 69 cents dollar tree
Con-Tact Quick Cover Clear Self-Adhesive Shelf Liners, 18x54" dollar tree $1
20pcs. 7” plates (1 package of 20) Dollar Tree =$1
¾” 108pcs. gold/red foil smiley face stickers Dollar Tree $1
1 can spray paint Lowes, HD, Wally-world $1

7” plates
$2.00 40 plates (two packages of 20) 2x$1 =$2 Dollar Tree
$1.00 1 can spray paint $1 Lowes, HD, Wally world
$ .80 1/5 roll packing tape Lowes $4/5 = $.8
$ .20 marker
$4.00 /40 =$ .10 per plate

4 x $ .69 Poster Boards, 22x28" = $2.76
3 x $1.00 Shelf Liners, 18x54" = $3.00
2 x $1.00 Spray paint (8 sq ft per can) = $2
= $7.76 for 4 22x28 sheets

7”x7” targets
$7.76 / 48 = $ .16 ea

9¼” x 11” targets
$7.76 / 24 = $ .32 ea

Step 1, cover the paper with clear adhesive plastic or tape





Step 2 Paint and allow to dry




Step 3 cut to desired size/shape
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Step 4 put holes in your hard work


I finally got a chance to shoot some more:
these were shot with 44 mag and 9x18 Mak

The Plates with tape on them worked well



These holographic Sheets from Dollar tree, 20 sheets for $1 work great without any tape or plastic,
Just 1 coat of 99cent paint from home depot and presto. Only downside is they are thin sheets


Now to use what you have on hand, I taped flatted 12 pack soda boxes, painted and embellished them
and I'm very happy with the results. 2 target per box

Staedtler Geometry Compass (550 65 A6) $5.49



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This is one I made in Excel, I can change the data and print out what I want.




  • JIM'S 223 TEST
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9 printable targets,

Print Full Size on 8.5x11" Paper

Page 2 - 1/3 Size IPSC Competition Target
Perfect for printing out and taping on your walls for dry-fire practice. 1/3 Size to mimic
farther distances.

Page 3 - 1/4 Size IPSC Competition Target
Smaller-sized IPSC torso target to simulate even farther distances. Page 3

Page 4 - Dot Torture Test
The best training you can get in 50 rounds. Start at 3 yards and keep all the shots in the
circle targets. If your range doesn't allow draws, start with your pistol on the table or at low

Page 5 - Bill Drill
Start at 7 yards and shoot 6 shots as fast as you can into the 6x11 target. This drill is meant
to work on speed without sacrificing accuracy. Move the target back to make it more difficult.

Page 6 - Walk Back Drill
Place at 3 yards and shoot 5 rounds at each target. This simulates 3x5 cards placed at 3
yards, 5 yards, and 7 yards. Work on accuracy instead of brute speed.

Page 7 - 5x5 Drill
5 shots, 5 inches, 5 yards, 5 seconds, and do 5 times. Perfect score is 25/25.

Page 8 - Red Dot 25 Yard Zero
Simulates a 50 yard zero but taken at 25 yards to make it easier for 1x optics such as red
dots. Line up with the colored bullseye so that the bullet impacts the gray bullseye.
Calibrated for M193 5.56 cartridge dropoff.

Page 9-10 - 100 Yard Rifle Targets
Two versions for both MRAD and MOA scopes to help you zero your sights. Targets (2017).pdf?__s=gqeqkymaxtvkn62bqywx


Nice work. Have to be honest, I just order them from the clearance sections when placing orders, but I like the ingenuity, effort, & sharing.