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358156 hp

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I get this error message every time I visit this site, often when I'm trying to post something, sometimes while I'm trying to read lengthy posts. At that point my entire post is lost, and I either have to start over, or most commonly I simply give up in frustration and don't post at all. It looks to me like my visit is simply timing out somehow, any ideas on whats going on with this issue?


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What browser are you using?

Do you have any add-ons that do anything cookie-related?

The site uses cookies to track that "this user is authenticated as 358156 hp." It sounds to me like something is interfering with cookies.


358156 hp

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I use Firefox for a browser. I'll have to check with my IT guy to see if he's done anything regarding cookies. He's a sneaky guy, and could be our culprit.