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Honestly, the only difference between repaired streets in Lincoln, and streets being repaired is the presence, or lack thereof construction equipment. Street quality is the same, and most repairs only make the streets worse.
Part of why I no longer live in Lincoln. But no longer living there and no longer being there every day for work, if I don't check I'm not aware of construction til I'm stuck in the delays. What should have been a 2 hour trip last month took 5 hours due to construction delays and detours.


California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
We are now well into the fifth year of having streets, roads and highways being torn up. One section, a half-mile from my house, has been torn up and paved, torn up again and re-paved, and torn up a third time and re-re-paved.

Perhaps 30-years-ago, a section of sidewalk near my house was removed and replaced with a plain wheelchair section. Three-years-ago, the street was torn up so new water pipes could be laid. Replacing the plain wheelchair section with one of those yellow raised dots thingies was part of the doings. I asked the job inspector why. He said a plain wheelchair ramp works for those in wheelchairs, but the blind require the raised dots. I said in 45-years I have never seen anyone in a wheelchair use the plain ramp, nor have I ever seen a blind person walking on the sidewalk. Makes no difference, sidewalks have to be American With Disabilities compliant. So, for years crews have tearing up intersection sidewalks and making them ADA compliant. Thank you, George Herbert Walker Bush.


High Steppes of Eastern Washington
ADA, not a bad idea or thought, but way overdone. The State of Arizona had 146 DOT rest areas in 1980, now they have 16, yep sixteen! Why? The old ones had pit toilets, unacceptable for ADA. What happened to the rest of them? Bulldozed down.
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