They don’t understand


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My wife has been after me to cleanup my reloading room. The bins of brass and bullets all over the floor seem to bother her?
I asked her to see what I had made for progress. She asked if a group of 3 8# powder jugs were empty. I said nope.
I asked her what message she got from it. She didn’t not answer correctly. I don’t have too much crap, I just don’t shoot enough.

Women, they just don’t understand.


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Hhmmm . . . I just don't have that problem. Well, except for not enough room. I certainly have that problem.


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They just don't !! Her computer locks up all the time, mine doesn't. I don't tweet, twitter or FB. She does. My desk is cluttered, she has 3 closets full of clothes she doesn't wear. And 4 shoe racks. I don't have a casting/reloading room - so I don't have to clean it up. So what if the jacket I just took off is over the back of a chair?

Jeff H

NW Ohio
My own hand-loading area is a pesonal embarrassment. It takes up about twelve square feet in the corner of my wood shop and I know where everything is.

I miss the days when I'd grub around looking for something I knew I had and find something I'd forgotten I had. It was like getting free stuff! "Cleaning up" usually took days because I'd get side-tracked with all the cool stuff I'd find which would rekindle old project ideas and, well, you know..... It ended up being an exercise which yielded no further usable space but the clutter looked different.

I'll warn you guys - if you really "clean" and get rid of stuff you don't "need," you'll miss out on those gratifying moments of stumbling across a bag of brand new 257 Roberts +P brass, a plastic Speer bullet box full of sizer dies you forgot about, a couple 100C bags of Hornady "blems" in the form of their old 6.5, 160 grain RNs, fifty old Norma 222 cases, or bullets you cast twenty years ago and put where you knew you wouldn't forget - but did.

One thing that helps is to put everything in opaque boxes and not mark them. Go through all the boxes once a year and it 's like Christmas all over again. Not quite the same but it helps.


Springfield, Oregon
I kick myself for getting rid of things. Too many times I'll sell something off thinking "I'll never need that again" then 9 months later....


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I'm glad mine loves to shoot the way she does. Makes life easier in that regard. It is however, a bad plan to leave me as the voice of reason on gun, lead, & loading funding.


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Having bins of bullets and brass all over the floor is actually a good thing. It makes moving around in your reloading room into something like a yoga exercise. Which is supposedly good for your health. Keeps you nimble and light on your feet!


St Lawrence river valley, NY
Mine doesn't bother me much at all in that line. What does get her is "stuff" in the yard. It's a farm! We're going to have tractors and implements and whatnot in the yard near the garage getting repaired. She grew up in a bodyshop, hated that her dad had so much "stuff" in the driveway waiting to be fixed. It hangs on.


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As long as I keep it herded into a reasonably confined area Ms doesn't bug me about it too much . She is aware of it's value so that helps some . She was mostly a "haven't used it in a year it needs to go" type . I have a picture set on the wall of all the girls in the family in the same once rebuilt dress and it's maker , Nancy Elliot . The original circa 1870 . 2 , what we call hall desks now , circa 1840 from Mom's side and all sorts of trinkets like a great grandfathers dog tags and Lt bar WWI and a silver quarter stuck in a chip of Hawaiian lava , 1935 quarter , from WWII . Then there's the jump chargers that get used maybe every 2 yr it's sure nice to have them when a kid didn't get a door shut . And the first time we needed a tire fixed during a bad money stretch that tire machine and stack of take offs became a very cool thing to have handy , especially when it was going to be $35 to save the tire if they would do that and we had a takeoff from the last set that was a mismatch replacement of about the same wear .

I do love the lost treasures clean up search quest . It occasionally leaves me confused . For example I recently found a mould all boxed up and addressed to be sent . I remember the deal and that the timing was bad with the move . Appearently I at some point dumped all of the PMs related to it , I keep them for at least 6 months just in case there is an issue and especially the address pm with a name ........ Best I can figure is it was closed last April late or early May and I didn't get a check etc ..... No big deal I just hate that there's no tracks and maybe someone out there with their whiskers in a wad ...... If I was supposed to send you a 45-200 now you know .

Uncle Grinch

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My reloading room is a 12 x 16 bonus room up 3 flights of steps. It has a different key to open the door to it so it’s a real “bonus” to me. Only my son and I have access to it.


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When we bought our house in 1991, I told her one of the bedrooms was going to be my reloading room. The door stays closed unless she needs one of my tools, but she doesn't give me any Flack about it. She knows if I wasn't in there tinkering around, I'd be out in the rest of the house bugging her. It's a win-win for both of us. Hahaha!


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Winson Churchill I believe was quoted as saying something to the same effect about separate bedchambers. Since my wife and I have reached the age of competitive snoring, I now believe he had a point.


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That was Ben Franklin that said he believed it was unhealthy to sleep in a warm bed ...... Oh wait that's not what we meant was it .