Think I need to try some .277 bullets!


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Anybody have something like this as dropped? My Arasaka looks plenty good from the muzzle however a pound cast told a different story at the breech: Max diameter in throat is .277" tapering to .266! Wow that is going to be a hard one to work with!


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Cramer #B1,2, and 3 . B4 is 7mm .
27-130 and FP , my FP casts .279 @ 142 gr .
279-124 NOE , mine casts .279-129 gr .
280473 GM Lyman . Pope design . Mine casts just barely scuffed in my .280 sizer so probably about .2799 and 124 gr with a long tapered GC shank . This one has lots of room to move metal into grooves and the GC shank gap . It's probably the best bet for this down size .
NOE offers at least one fat 6.5 in the 270-140 .

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If it helps any, Ideal/Lyman .270 moulds were all marked with a 280 prefix. More than one guy probably ended up with a 270 mould when he actually wanted a 7mm (284).