Tin ingots for sale


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Melted down part of that chunk of tin I got at the scrap yard. See my thread on the scrap yard; for practical purposes its pure tin. Anyway, got 20 ingots weighing .8 lbs on average that I will sell for $6 per ingot, plus shipping. Shipping depends on how much you buy. Up to 13 will fit in a small flat rate box @ $7.25. I checked Rotometals and they want $21.00 for 1# ingot plus shipping. $6/ingot looked like a reasonable deal and gets me some money for more lead. Post what you want here, I'll check on the shipping and get back to you. Payment by check or MO.

Update: USPS says most economical is SFRB even for one ingot, so shipping is $7.25 for 1 up to the 12 remaining ingots.
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Only a dent on one corner from a disgruntled postal worker. ;)
The absolute worst, smashed, crushed, mangled, boxes I've received had rifles in them. ( the worst two from marlin)
I watched a guy exit his brown truck. As He jumped from the top step, he dropped my 1886 trapdoor, ( about 3 feet) it bounced up just as his feet hit the ground and he caught it like He had done a thousand times before. I could hear the familiar sound of steel hitting concrete from across the street. I ended up getting it for free, but that's a whole other story.
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