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We offer two basic types of top punches for Lyman/RCBS and Saeco style luber/sizers:

Our flat face punches work for any bullet design that has a flat nose. This includes wadcutters, semi-wadcutters, round w/a flat, and truncated cone designs. We offer these in every caliber but in truth two or three basic sizes can cover a large range of calibers.

Our cup face top punches are designed to be the basis for making perfectly fitting conformal top punches. It only takes a few minutes, a little bit of epoxy (I use JB Weld®), and a sample bullet and you can make a top punch that will fit perfectly without marking or distorting the bullet's nose. Complete instructions on how to make perfectly fitting top punches are in a sticky here; a paper copy is included with each purchase. These are caliber specific, we offer top punches in 22 different sizes that cover the range of calibers from .22 to .50.

Nominal Bullet Suggested
Diameter (in) Calibers

0.224 ----------- All .22s
0.243 ----------- .243/6mm
0.257 ----------- All .25s
0.264 ----------- 6.5mm/.264
0.277 ----------- .270/6.8mm
0.284 ----------- All 7mms
0.308 ----------- All .30s
0.313 ----------- .303 Brit
0.318 ----------- old 8mm
0.323 ----------- New 8mm/.32 Rifle
0.338 ----------- .338/.340
0.348 ----------- .348 Win
0.358 ----------- All .358/9mm
0.365 ----------- 9mm Mak
0.375 ----------- .375/.38-55
0.401 ----------- .401/.38-40/10mm
0.410 ----------- .41 Mag
0.430 ----------- All .44s
0.452 ----------- All .45 pistol
0.458 ----------- .458 rifle
0.478 ----------- All .475 - .480s
0.500 ----------- .500 S&W, other .50s

Our Lyman/RCBS top punches also have an O-ring integrated into the stem. Put away the annoying little Allen wrench you can never find when you need it! Back out the set screw to clear the hole and just insert our top punch into your ram - the O-ring holds it in place with no tools needed. No need to mark up the stem of your top punches or raise a burr with a set screw. It only takes a few seconds to change top punches.

Lyman/RCBS - flat face or cup point $7/each
Saeco - flat face or cup point $8.50/each
Shipping 1 - 10 pieces $3, more than 10 - free (can mix and match types or even other items)

If you're interested just start a conversation or email me at

Lyman/RCBS type

Saeco type


Springfield, Oregon
I'll take three(3) of the cup style Lyman 450 top punch blanks please.
PM sent.
Thank you.

Kevin Stenberg

Well-Known Member
Yes his work is exceptional. I was surprised by the retainer O ring. Very good idea.
Keith could you make a flat faced top punch that has about a 1.5 to 2 " stem? I have made temporary wood punches but I would like 1 that is permamant. I use my Lyman lube sizer as a push through sizer. And it needs a longer stud to push the bullet past the sizing part of the die. If the stud isn't long enough the second bullet plugs the die when it hits the first bullet.
I understand my request would be more expensive.

Kevin Stenberg

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Keith i would like to purchase some Lyman/RCBS top punches. I would like 3 blank 30 caliber punches and 1 long flat face 30 caliber punches. The last is to completelly push the bullet through a lyman/RCBS sizer. Just let me know how much. Kevin
Kevin Stenberg 16403 329th. Ave. Akeley, Minn. 56433