USPS new rates


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Mail price increase on January 27th, 19.

New rates:
Letter 55 cents
Small flat rate priority box $7.90 / Old rate $7.20
Medium flat rate priority box 14.35 / Old rate $13.65


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Always remember there is Regional Rate A & B boxes ( you have to order on line if you have a USPS account! ) If you are sending to 1 to 4 zones from you, prices are cheaper then "If it fits it ships Priority" flat rate! Most folks do not know about this!


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they also have just priority boxes that look exactly the same as the flat rate boxes but are a titch bigger, they are like 28$ for 10 lbs.
so you have to watch which ones you grab.


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I believe they use regional rate stuff where they can to save shipping also . I lived "only" 600 road miles away but less than 150 road miles PO hub to hub so Sunday night in his PO could have it in hand Tuesday . 3 day service was typical .
I remember when a 5-10# box was $18-22 and UPS was the only reasonable insured and tracked way to ship stuff . Weight has always been the killer . I shipped a box for my folks that just barely slipped in diminsionally at 115# for UPS . It was $96 . The stuff packed of course wouldn't have fit in any of the FRBs but the 115# could have shipped for about $26 then . Still can't kick about about 60# with 3 day service for less than $20 . It cost almost that for a 1oz letter from St Louis to Sacramento to get that kind of service on Pony Express .


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Also keep in mind that you can first class parcel any type package if it weighs 13 oz or less!
13 oz parcel is about $3.70 ( lighter weights are less money) The interesting thing about this is package size doesn't matter.
For instance some 2 cavity lee moulds ( without original box) can be shipped in a generic "tyveck" envelope and be 13 oz to ship first class parcel That is only $3.70 I ship small amounts of range brass of odd calibers this way!